Our Commitments

Environment & Resource Use

Pacific Traverse Energy is committed to protecting the environment, managing resources responsibly, and minimizing emissions through company activities. We proactively adapt our projects to fit the environments in which we work. We work with our customers, suppliers and industry associations to adopt similar environmental and responsible resource use commitments throughout the energy value chain

  • Mitigate

    We undertake early studies to understand existing environmental conditions and endeavour to design our projects to avoid or alternatively, minimize potential environmental effects.

  • Reduce

    Wherever possible, we use clean and renewable sources of energy to power our operations. Using best-in-class technologies we strive to minimize the use and consumption of water, energy, and other natural resources. Where resources and consumables are used, we will handle, capture, treat and recycle these products where practical, while not compromising the safety and integrity of our operations.

  • Innovate

    We work with our customers and suppliers to encourage responsible resource use through their own operations and the services they provide to PTE. We support innovation, development of new products and the adoption of latest technologies that encourage responsible resource use.