Northwestern BC

Kitimat Propane Export Project


Pacific Traverse Energy is a British Columbian energy-focused infrastructure development company working closely with the Haisla Nation and the community of Kitimat that is proposing to construct and operate a 1.25 million tonne per year propane export project in Kitimat, BC to ship propane to Asian customers. The project will include:

  • a new railyard to receive propane railcars,
  • a new pipeline approximately 15 km in length that connects the railyard to the marine terminal, and
  • a new marine terminal that includes a floating propane storage vessel and supporting equipment.



Northwestern BC


~1.25 mtpa

Fuel Type:





Our project is located in Kitimat, BC.


Currently, the supply of propane in North America exceeds domestic demand and the trend is expected to continue.

Asia is the world’s largest importer of propane. Demand is forecast to grow rapidly. Most Asian countries source the majority of their propane from the Middle East and are actively looking to diversify supply.

Right now, there is an opportunity to use this versatile fuel to support emerging economies in Asia transition to clean sources of energy, while also supporting the people, communities and economy of British Columbia.

The West Coast of North America is ideally positioned to serve these large import markets. BC’s proximity to Asia provides material logistics and cost advantages.

Transporting propane by rail to Northwestern BC and then shipping it from our terminal will cost less, use less energy and enable propane to reach its end-use market 10 days faster than alternative routes through the U.S.


Our approach is to develop a meaningful project for British Columbia. In advance of project launch, PTE is actively meeting with local First Nations, local communities, local, provincial and federal governments, and other stakeholder groups.

The objective of these early engagements is to introduce the proposed project and provide an opportunity for interested parties to contribute local knowledge and provide valuable input early in the development process.

We are focused on developing a project that benefits First Nations, considers local environmental values and contributes to the communities in which we work.

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