Zach Steele

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Steele is responsible for leading the management team and executing projects on behalf of PTe and its investors. He has significant experience building, financing and consulting on energy projects across North America and developing two separate energy businesses in the span of 12 years.

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Walter Hagstrom

Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Hagstrom is responsible for all of PTe’s activities related to securing energy supply, transportation logistics and offtake agreements. He has 15 years of bulk commodity trading & logistics experience across a range of industrial sectors, including midstream energy business, global shipping companies, integrated oil and gas production, supply and trading firms.

Jonathan Turner

Executive Vice President, Public Affairs

Mr. Turner is responsible for stakeholder and government relations, and for building support for PTe projects through proactive community engagement, sound environmental, project planning and responsible resource management principles. Mr Turner brings over 20 years of consulting experience delivering development strategies and public permitting processes for major energy, infrastructure and all-season resort projects across British Columbia.

Jason Tielker

Executive Vice President, Project Delivery

Mr. Tielker is responsible for the planning, design and construction of PTe assets. He is a professional engineer and former vice-president of a global energy and infrastructure company with over 22 years of experience managing the development of large strategic infrastructure, hydrocarbon and mining projects executed in the complex regulatory environment of North America and other regions around the world.